The partners and associates in our firm are all experienced licensed attorneys in the U.S. and some are also retired U.S. Federal law enforcement special agents and high level retired local police officials.  If our firm does not practice law regularly within a particular country we often obtain assistance from vetted experienced attorneys in those localities who we know and trust who act as co-counsel.  Our firm handles a variety of legal cases in the United States including federal criminal defense, improper or fraudulent business transactions as well as corporate trademark infringement and piracy cases.  We also serve our attorney clients in personal injury cases where serious injuries are involved.  Some of our attorneys in Latin America provide assistance to attorneys representing clients in divorce or child custody cases as well as estate planning and real estate purchases and disputes. 

Finally, we represent attorney clients in matters of criminal defense, in particular, in the federal court arena where our attorneys have extensive experience.  We are a full service law firm representing both U.S. Citizens and Corporations as well as foreign nationals and business entities seeking to conduct business in the United States.  International corporations are welcomed by our firm and can be assured that our attorneys and legal investigators as well as our referral attorneys will represent their interests and the interests of all our clients zeolously within the bounds of the law.  Our goal in all cases is to strive to obtain the best result possible for all clients whether they be individuals or business entites given the factual circumstances.

We also have attorney associates in Canada that cooperate with us regarding legal  and corporate due diligence matters in that nation.  We only work with attorneys we know and trust who have been vetted and done  legal work for clients from our firm in the past.  Experience and trustworthy attorneys are people we work with in legal or corporate matters of mutual interest.