Michael Youngs worked as a State Prosecutor and private practice attorney handling personal injury and business law cases in the early part of his career. Thereafter, he was an FBI Special Agent-Attorney for 25 years investigating and prosecuting Federal Crimes. His experience at the federal level included the investigation and prosecution of white collar crimes, bank fraud, computer crimes, corporate fraud, health care fraud, interstate fraud offenses, money laundering, conspiracy, drug trafficking, terrorism, extradition matters, copyright violations, child pornography and a variety of other offenses. 

During his FBI career Mr. Youngs was assigned to Puerto Rico for 10 years and several U.S. Embassies abroad including five years in Colombia, four years in Panama and an additional four years in the Dominican Republic.  He also worked in Thailand and the Philippines as an FBI Attache.  

After his federal service he re-entered private practice in Florida aggressively working international law matters including international commercial transactions, corporate due diligence investigations, estate planning as well as international and domestic personal injury cases.  In addition, for the last ten years he has handled state, federal and international criminal law cases as well as business disputes, corporate due diligence and background investigations, OFAC and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance matters as well as international corporate fraud and piracy litigation.  Finally, he has been involved in international divorce dispute cases as well as overseas property transactions and disputes.

Based on his international FBI assignments, he is familiar with international criminal laws and business regulations in the foreign arena, especially in Central/South America as well as the Caribbean. He has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1990 and is also admitted to practice law in New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and the U.S. District Courts in Puerto Rico, Florida, Texas and Colorado.  During his FBI career he was able to establish close relationships with attorneys practicing throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  He also became acquainted with high level police officials (now retired) throughout Latin America and the Caribbean who now conduct criminal defense, corporate due diligence and civil law investigations for our firm.

Originally from Colorado, Attorney Michael Youngs is a graduate of the University of Colorado where he earned a BA Degree in English. He also attended the University of Denver Law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor (JD) Degree in 1975. Mr. Youngs also speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

Professional & Bar Association Memberships

Member of the Florida Bar
Member of the New York Bar 
Member of the Colorado Bar
Member of the Pennsylvania Bar
Member of the Washington, D.C. Bar
Member of the U.S. District Court in Florida
Member of the U.S. District Court in Colorado
Member of the U.S. District Court in Texas
Member of the U.S. District Court in Puerto Rico
Member of the International Bar Association
Member of the Inter-American Bar Association 
Member of the Broward County Bar Association
Member of the Miami-Dade County Bar Association
Member of the Miami-Dade County Trial Lawyers Association
International Law Section Member of Florida Bar
Member of Society of Former FBI Special Agents
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Member
Member of the FBI National Academy Associates
American Trial Lawyers Association Member
Association of Former Intelligence Officers Member