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Colombia Private Investigators and Lawyers
Our firm has Colombia Private Investigators and Lawyers in Bogota,Colombia as well as Panama, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil. We also work throughout the rest of Latin America relating to divorce and custody matters as well as criminal defense cases, business investigative matters plus litigation support for other law firms. The Latin America Law Group accepts a variety of legal and litigation investigative cases relating to custody of children, divorce and criminal defense matters as well as business law and litigation, corporate due diligence, trademark infringement and fraud matters and foreign real estate disputes throughout Central/South America, Mexico as well as the Caribbean.  It is our goal is to dedicate all the time necessary to each and every client we represent in order to produce a positive result.  Our clients are very important to us and we recognize that each and every one of our cases involving a a divorce or custody dispute and criminal defense case, foreign real estate dispute or corporate due diligence matter deserves our undivided attention. Our law firm has over 75 years of combined legal experience in international business matters, commercial disputes, criminal defense, international real estate issues and personal injury matters.

We are a full service law and investigative firm representing clients both in the U.S. and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Our clients are individuals embroiled in custody or divorces cases as well as persons facing serious criminal charges either in the United States or in LAtin America. We also represent clients involved in real estate disputes abroad, financial and banking institutions, other law firms and solicitors as well as select corporate clients both foreign and domestic.  We have experienced attorneys and former federal investigators in our firm and vetted lawyers from foreign law firms that work with us on a daily basis.  The foreign investigators and attorney associates who work with us are trustworthy and are familiar with foreign rules, regulations and litigation requirements in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have offices in the U.S., Central and South America and the Caribbean.   We maintain a close relationship with foreign former government officials and law firms throughout the regions who work with us to help resolve our client's problems or regulatory requirements in foreign countries. Our attorneys and investigators speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese, French as well as Korean and Chinese. We represent corporate clients who are both U.S. and foreign business entities in a variety of cases including transnational foreign corporation formation in the U.S. and setting up foreign offices by U.S. corporations who wish to conduct business abroad.

We work with international corporate entities who have complicated international and domestc commercial issues and contract disputes, outsourcing, financial fraud, forensic accounting, foreign litigation and arbitration matters. Our firm also represents corporate clients with brand integrity issues relating to piracy in foreign countries as well as copyright and trademark violations. We also provide investigative support in the area of trademark infringement.  Foreign import-export laws create difficulties for companies conducting business abroad and we provide advice on such matters and often seek the assistance of one of our vetted foreign law firms in country. Our clients include both small and large corporate entities as well as banking and other financial institutions.

Colombia Private Investigators and Lawyers  

We also provide advice on employment immigration matters, foreign bankruptcy and document recovery, international corporate fraud and kickback schemes. Our law firm provides important advice on foreign real estate disputes. We assist clients in responding to website defamation by foreigners and provide guidelines for U.S. corporations or foreign transnational companies with foreign subsidiaries or who are registered with the SEC regarding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

We provide assistance to U.S. law firms and foreign solicitors in cases where foreign litigation or arbitration is involved and investigative support is required.  Many law firms contact us regarding international litigation support in divorce and personal injury cases as well as probate and commercial litigation matters.  We can locate and obtain statements from witnesses and prepare affidavits relating to the information they provide and provide a miriad of other investigative services for other law firms. Our firm helps locate hidden or concealed property ownership and assets in foreign countries throughout Central/South America, the Caribbean, Europe as well as in East Asia.

Our investigators assist attorneys who represent individual victims who have been injured in accidents abroad or in the U.S. and have suffered serious injuries. In international crimes, federal crimes or extradition cases we work with attorneys who represent clients facing serious charges in state courts, federal courts and often outside the U.S. together with our vetted associate firms. In international divorce cases, we provide advice to clients seeking hidden assets or evidence of infidelity with foreign partners. In international estate planning and probate cases we provide advice relating to securely investing.

In those cases where individuals are involved in accidents with injuries, we can assist the injured victim or his family member at any of our convenient office locations. We can meet victims on behalf of attorneys in auto, truck or motorcycle accident cases involving injuries at their home or in the hospital, whichever is more convenient for the injured client. In car accident cases we will send an investigator to photograph the vehicles involved in the crash as well as the injuries of the victim/client. In foreign accident cases we work with attorneys and try and determine if their is a responsible party inside the United States or abroad who could be held negligently liable for the accident.


We are available to meet your needs 24/7 at our stateside locations as well as our international offices.  Our goal is to strive to give each client an assessment of his or her legal position by providing updates on a regular basis as to the status of their case. Once again, we only accept a limited number of legal cases to meet our goal of informing and engaging our client at every stage of the legal process and dedicating the time necessary for each case. Please give us the opportunity to represent you by calling our office for a free consultatiion.

Colombia Private Investigators and Lawyers